Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NISD Counselor Summer Institute 2015

Well I did it! I conquered one of my biggest fears and I actually put together a session and presented it to my colleagues today at our annual Counselor Summer Institute.  The fear was never about how I would look or sound in front of everyone or my ideas in general, it was more about feeling worthy to be presenting my ideas to this group of wonderful and talented individuals. I truly believe in my heart that I work with the best group of school counselors in the best school district in the state of Texas! 
So what did I present?  The title was, "Taming the Stress Monster", Ideas for conducting Small Groups and Individual Sessions on Stress & Anxiety. This subject is close to my heart and something that kept me busy this school year.  There was a high need for this type of counseling on my campus and I needed to find ideas, quick! Pinterest was quickly becoming my best friend and I needed to tweak and adjust lessons to fit my students needs! I will post more on this topic later with an activity from the presentation that you can download.
Today was a great day of learning and professional development. It was an opportunity for colleagues to share ideas, learn new ideas, and just be together.  Thank you, Northside for continuing to provide us with the opportunities for professional growth, networking, and support.
Hope Everyone is Enjoying Your Summer!

My certificate that was presented to me after my session!